by Rude Bird

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Este es nuestro primer álbum, fruto de todo lo realizado durante éste último año. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis por lo menos la mitad de lo que hemos disfrutado nosotros creándolo.


released April 13, 2016

Recorded in ''Saba Records''
Mix and Master by Alberto Cabello ''Saba''




Rude Bird Zaragoza, Spain

Rock band from Zaragoza, formed by Alberto Cabello (''Saba'') and Jorge Hernando

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Track Name: Dull Sheeps
I could be good but never the best
It’s like a fucking new day but the same old shit
I am the words you never complete
I’m the one you never believe

‘Cause you are so fucked up and you won’t confess
Now your life is like one long day bored to death

So let me be, now I don’t dream
Am I just living ‘cause they want me to live?
I can’t sleep, I kill those sheeps
That is all, got nothing to give
But let me be, now I don’t dream
Am I just living ´cause they want me to live?
I can’t sleep, I kill those sheeps
Fuck it all, now I cannot bleed

It’s like dropping cold water in my frozen head
Feeling how your smile goes out of your face
Watching her ass just walking away
All I really wanna is to burn this place
And now I’m late like those songs that I never wrote to you
Am I who was afraid to be or am I just another fool?
Track Name: Weapon
Walk on the Street, I see the same damn people
They look so happy, they feel free like an Eagle
It’s so disgusting to see them always smiling
Oh, how I wish now… I wish I had a weapon

Can call me dumb, can tell that I’m evil
But let me tell you, your face mustn’t be legal
Today the world is full of fucking faggots
Oh, how I wish now… to have a fucking weapon

Just need a way to eradicate all the disgrace of human race
All I want is a bullet to their heads

I lost my head, I always dream about it
It’s so strange, can’t fix this rage around me
All that I am, a psycho with no limits
Oh, how I wish now… I wish I had a weapon

My name is “Pain”, a gift to all the idiots
The annoying ones, the sons of my hysteria
Come over here, be part of my delirium
Oh, how I wish now… to have a fucking weapon
Track Name: Nothing's Gonna Be the Same
This city was in ruins and there wasn’t scape
When you know the truth, you discover your life was a lie
And when you feel the pain
Nothing’s gonna be the same

It doesn’t matter anymore, you’ve always been a fucking whore
And I became very small, when I crashed to a wall
I don’t know what I was waiting for
I wanna scream loud to the world I haven’t heart, I have no soul
Unless you had fun for a while, you better delete that smile
Because I will make that your head explode

Let me tell you I don’t give a fuck
If you are fine or you feel bad
I wanna say goodbye to that damn years that won’t come back
This is day to celebrate that I will never see you again

This city will revive, we must build it one more time
It was made of pain and now we will replace it for
Houses and walls of brave
We can make it be the same

Nothing’s gonna change all the words that I say
All I really wanna is fight for this place
In the space you will never listen my shouts
All that stupid prays that go out from my mouth
I swear you all can be the same again
If we battle with the soldiers of shame
Never listen to the crowd if your voice is louder
Kill those faggots who look above your shoulder
Track Name: Tweeting to Your Ear
What is your story? What made you get up today?
You know the good times when you’re in them, or you’re just gonna wait?
Oh, did you realize? Good years came and went
Solution was under your nose and you watched everything else

There are a hundred people around me but I still feel alone
Wish nobody ever keep this way, rise to the sky and then fall
My motivation left with you, same old shit, we’ll always lose
‘Cause I’m falling again and I’ll ruin it again, it is true

Here days are too long and our lives will be too short
Why you depend on social networks? shit you don’t even know
You know your enemies but you should know you’re the worst
Worked every day and now you only want your fucking reward
Track Name: Ocean
I’m feeling like I’m on an ocean
I just have found what I was looking for
It’s time to give away all that troubles in my head
And let the time pass by and begin another day
All starts to make sense like I’ve been kissed by a muse
The world is better quiet, It’s a truth I can’t refuse
Now the time comes like a horse that is running for his life
I’ve known the Paradise, just look into my eyes

And nothing, and nothing can’t stop this ocean
Oh, this feeling isn’t over
I’m losing, I’m losing my dear sense of sight
Oh, this feeling isn’t over

Let’s keep enjoying this, don’t be insane
‘Cause we won’t find it another day
You don’t know when it starts to fade
Track Name: Stone
Another night too long, but not even enough
What the hell am I waiting for? Outside breathing the cold
Spent a life staring, smoking to the words
And my oldself came and asked to me, is this what you enjoy?

And the questions never answered, I don’t wanna know
And I’ll find myself in that last shot, like I did before
And now I feel the anger, I can see you fall
If you ever tried to find your way, I was just a Stone

Maybe now is the moment to start taking the blame
And maybe I should fail again and learn from my own mess
And now that we all changed, don’t trust even yourself
‘Cause this is what I wanna be, someone else’s nightmare
Track Name: Fly Again
We’ll just fly again, new beginning with every lights of days
We spit out the faith, It’s not what we promised,
got used to the bitter taste

Waited for a shy starlight at the end of a rainy day
And see what we can find in the path of decay

We’ll just fly again, new beginning with every lights of days
We spit out the faith, It’s not what we promised,
we still can sail while sinking to those graves
Track Name: Find my Home
I’m on my way through the wasted lands
Around my head years fly high
I don’t belong here, like anybody in this place
I don’t wanna anything else
I lost the words and I lost the faith
A thousand fears were born in my head
Somebody tell me now where can I hide
I want you baby by my side
I want you baby by my side

Now all is gone and I’m not gonna cry
became stronger by a thousand lies
I only know when everything is gone
That I need to find my home

And I’ve walked through the fog trying to hold on
I have to rise up when the sun goes down
My sword is made of faith, my head is full of pain
I’ve realised today that it’s here to stay
That it’s here to stay

I wanna know what I can do
When there is nothing left to lose
So many times I’ve travelled through the world
And I need to find my home

Those hard steps you don’t wanna walk
There is no calm after that storm
Show me the place that will worth fighting for
And I need to find my home